“In Spain, Albert Ballbé is a standout”

El País (daily newspaper)

“I’ve seen his work … Marvellous”

Joe Buissink, top Hollywood wedding photographer

“You’re looking at the Cartier-Bresson of weddings, a master”

M. A. Photographer

“Able to turn weddings into real art, the gold standard”

J. Artiaga | Photographer and journalist

“The most poetic and exclusive wedding images out there”


“The keenest, sharpest eye in wedding albums”

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Here’s a small sample of our style, which combines fine art photography with a signature photojournalistic eye to produce a final visual product of high aesthetic and conceptual quality that is recognised internationally.
The key moments, shifts in focus, attractive compositions, varied points of view … this is all done to achieve an emotionally rewarding result that captures a fantastic day forever.



Our studio concept enables us to be fresh at every wedding, giving all our time and more to whatever needs to be done to achieve a perfect result in every shot and in the finished product. Our post-production editing is a hands-on process as sensitive as the timings for chemical developing. We take an unhurried approach, photo by photo, not using any digital methods to speed up the process. This is the only way we can assure the quality that we demand and that we want to offer you.


Capture the key moments in split-second glimpses, situations, emotions. Our high-quality documentary style portrays the key moments in a fresh, spontaneous and dynamic manner, with no forced poses or recreated scenes. You can enjoy the day, while we do the work of immortalising it in an unintrusive way, focused on making every shot aesthetically attractive. The people in the camera’s eye and the people behind the lens: everyone striving for excellence.


A speedy, customised service always at the ready, which will make you feel relaxed and in good hands before, during and after the wedding. With our attention to detail and prompt response, you will have your lifelong keepsake in short order, always with your prior approval. We guarantee total dedication during the entire event, and we will always be honest and committed to you and to our own high standards.


Many weddings, many happy moments... Do you want to see more?

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Feelings in motion. Cutting-edge technology that can offer an up-to-the-minute and customised presentation of your wedding as a small audio-visual reminder or a vast super-production.
We create honest, entertaining stories that can range from a minute of top clips to a gradually unfolding drama over three hours, depending on what you need. And we have the equipment to enhance the result to cinema quality if necessary. Come and tell us what you have in mind for your day and we can suggest which way to go.


“Con Alberto todo fluyó de forma espontánea, sin los tediosos y forzados posados que tanto me incomodan. Él simplemente sabe, es único para captar lo importante, la belleza de cada instante y evidenciarlo en sus fotografías. Es una experiencia muy recomendable y el resultados de su trabajo es sorprendente y de un gusto exquisito.” _ Anna | Novia

“Gracias Alberto por saber captar a la perfección todas las emociones que se sintieron ese día. Nos lo pusiste todo muy fácil…Un placer contar con profesionales como tú. Un abrazo.” _ Cris | Novia

“Muy contentos del buen recuerdo del día de nuestra boda gracias a Alberto, que supo como captar lo que queríamos a la perfección.
Sofisticado, original y elegante.”
_ Fiona | Novia

“Quiero agradecer a Alberto la profesionalidad en uno de los días más importantes de mi vida. Su trabajo fue exquisito durante el día completo, inmortalizo todos los momentos, estuvo en todo momento y a la vez no estuvo, es un cumplido, poder disfrutar de ese día sabiendo que tienes a un gran fotógrafo. El resultado fue un álbum de ensueño, me gusto mucho su elección de fotos y la mezcla de momentos solemnes con los “robados” de los momentos más ambientados del evento. Gracias!!!” _ Rocío | Novia

“Alberto inmortalizó uno de los días más felices de mi vida. Logró captar en fotos y video todos los momentos más especiales, divertidos y emocionantes, todo ello sin darte cuenta que él y su equipo estaban allí. Gracias Alberto por tu profesionalidad y simpatía, cada vez que volvemos a ver las fotos y el video, nos haces revivir ese día tan único para nosotros” _ Silvia | Novia

“Profesional, elegante, fácil, natural….. Un experto fotógrafo que supo captar momentos irrepetibles y miradas especiales en un día único.” _ Isa | Novia

“Profesional, detallista, discreto, sereno, artista, creativo, sensible, delicado….lo mejor que puedes tener y escoger para un día tan mágico como es tu boda. Gracias por hacer algo tan único y artístico, un recuerdo de por vida.” _ Gabriela | Novia

“Al contratar un fotógrafo para nuestra boda en Barcelona, estábamos buscando a alguien con un toque artístico y con un estilo único. En nuestra primera reunión con Alberto y su equipo, supimos que su obra encarnaría todo lo que estábamos buscando. Nuestras fotos son románticos, al tiempo que capturan la verdadera alegría en ese día. Estamos muy contentos con los resultados.” _ Lauren | Novia

“Buscàvem algú que plasmés la realitat d’aquell dia tant especial sense que ens n’adonéssim, per poder gaudir al 100% del nostre dia i la nostra gent. I el vam trobar. L’Albert va capturar els instants, les mirades, la complicitat, i la felicitat del moment, fent-ho tot molt senzill i natural. Va fer una feina excel·lent i sense pensar-ho tornaríem a repetir l’experiència.” _ Laura | Novia

“I would definiteltly say that Al is the only photographer that will make you feel good in front of a camera! amazingly realistic and spontaneous shots!” _ Carla | Novia

“No hi ha millor record d’un dia innolvidable” _ Mariola | Novia

Final product

More about us


We are pioneers in the field, creating a way to handle weddings that has, over time, become a trend. Our unique treatment of the image during shooting, editing, post-production and layout, as well as our use of the finest materials and equipment, give our work the ultimate, high-quality finish.


Because we are a small studio for wedding photography, we cannot meet every request for our services. As a result, we must decline events that are not booked with enough advance notice. However, our small size also enables us to give you the very best customised service, with levels of quality and dedication that are exclusive and impossible to equal.


Our more than 25 years of experience in wedding photography began with courses, study grants, undergraduate degrees and master’s programmes in audio-visual communication. Endorsed by professionals as prestigious as the art directors of the Magnum Agency. Always innovating without ever forgetting the essential magic of chemical photography, which is our background.


With our experience, we have given university classes and tailored courses on advanced post-production techniques for museum-quality fine art, on thematic photoshoots, on file management, on lighting and more.
We are passionate about our work and like nothing better than to transmit our know-how.

Image processing and post-production.

Teaching a master’s degree in digital photography.

Customised training content.


From Vogue Spain to Elle Japan. Here’s a selection of our work appearing in specialised print publications around the world.
We are not showing you any mock-up “productions”. These are actual weddings that have recently been featured in a variety of international publications. If you like, your wedding could be next.
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This website gives you an idea of who we are, but the best thing would be for you to come down to the studio so that we can discuss our way of working in greater depth and give you the chance to see many more images. For us, it is very important to listen to you and to adapt as much as possible to your needs.
Get in touch with us about your big day and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with all the information you may need.
We speak English, French, Spanish and Catalan … And we look forward to meeting you soon in our studio.


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